Behind the Wall

More than 75% transparent, the display is invisible viewing from 5 meters away. It makes amazing image effects and by this transparent LED display the artist and designer can realize their creative ideas.  You want to know how? Read more about our transparent LED displays.

Projects in Videos

How transparent LED displays make money for you?  Take a look at our projects.  Big buildings become big bill boards.  Advertisements will be seen from far away.  Communicate with the people.  Find out the possibilities of our transparent LED displays.

News & Events

Thanks to our visitors





We would like to thank all our visitors at the ISE2015 exhibitation at Amsterdam.  It was a wonderful day and we shared a lot of ideas and possibilities to integrate the GWS Transparent LED walls.  We hope to see you all back at the next ISE exhibition, Amsterdam RAI, 9 – 12 February 2016.

XT Series – now available

Transparent LED wall - XT serie





We are proud to announce our new XT Transparent LED wall.  The XT all-in-one display brings advertisement solutions to small business and window advertising.  With a simple Plug & Play installation you can start immediately to attract new customers.

Catalog 2015

GWS Catalogus 2015





Going digital gives you complete control of your advertising because you’re no longer relying on outside agencies. Not only does this save you time, it also reduces your costs.  Take a look into our Catalog 2105 and show consumers what makes you different.  Start early, make it personal.  Download here the GWS catalog 2015

“Moving people to read static messages and static people read moving messages”