What about those transparent LED displays?

Dynamic Transparent Digital Signage is the new future, you will see them along streets, in shopping malls, stores, retail, offices and schools. In the near future, static ads will be replaced by moving images, be pioneer and increase your sales. X-Glass = dynamic transparent digital signage.

Digital signage is the technology that allows you to manage this information very easy, completely cloud based and dynamic control (Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G, apps and touch), depending on the location, time and the target audience.

Digital signage is a method of broadcast content in any form, of any size, in a selected location, has a select audience, at a time chosen … At the crossroads of IT, connected TV, flows of information from all sources, this new modern media can both entertain and inform. Digital signage is undergoing a significant evolution for powerful, interactive applications.

Therefore, the use of X-Glass as a visual and prominent advertising behind glass which is more ‘eyeball’ captures attention (very efficient eye-catcher) and will ultimately lead to more customers and sales for your business.

Above it, X-Glass gives you the opportunity to become the most visible call to action to have on the street.

You will have the opportunity to realize your visibility through recognition and attractiveness of your audience with X-Glass. This investment behind your window will surpass your wildest dreams by the design of your memorable ad to put into action with the customer.

  • Patented new LED screen technology for indoor use behind any window.
  • Remains visible in daylight or under direct sunlight.
  • Up to 87% transparency gives the unique advantage that one can still enjoy the incident daylight. Particularly applicable for large glass surfaces.
  • X-Glass is available in various designs and sizes (including customization). Any size at your disposal, you get the benefits of our latest technology. Simple and very easy positioning WITHOUT any modifications to existing buildings and glass structures. The good thing about X-Glass transparent solutions is that your digital brand or action experience does not depend on heavy (and therefore expensive) structures on exteriors of buildings. X-Glass solutions are installed on the inside of the property at the time that suits you best.

It is therefore important to have a all-in-one solution product that is very user friendly, and that has no negative impact on the busy work schedules.

After years of improvement GWS successfully developed a series of transparent LED displays with pixel pitch from 5mm to 45mm.  The module size is maximum 960mm x 320mm. By so wide modules, there will be few vertical bars when make up a display with meters width.

High-resolution transparent LED displays, i.e.5mm, 8mm and 10mm, are welcomed by more and more high-end brands, the designers enjoy this new design concept very much and integrate this product to their works. And now we have cooperation with famous brands like NINE WEST and Chow Sang Sang(Hong Kong).

Low-resolution transparent LED displays, i.e. 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 45mm, GWS provide excellent solutions for glass architecture. All the above models could be customized designed to fit the glass windows of the building. Part or whole of the glass curtain of the building could be changed to a huge vivid display and make amazing effects.

Easy installation and maintenance

All our modules can be installed without using any screw.  All the connections can be manipulated by hands.

Any single LED strip could be replaced immediately.  Any problem happened in LED strip could be solved within 1 minute.

Transparent LED display modules are attached to a simple structure design.  By this the appearance is attractive to people.  Above all, the light & thin design makes all the equipment very compact.  You can easily transport the transparent LED display to any event.  A few space occupation attracts a lot of people!


X-Glass achieves a higher level of consciousness. You save money and time on your competition and depends on your lead. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd.


We offer unlimited freedom to design engaging digital signage.  With a transparent screen you can reach the ultimate.
Afbeelding transparant display